Frequently Asked Questions

Justice for Mchale and Noah

Why are petitions important?

Petitions today may be described as a vehicle for political input, a way of attempting to influence policymaking and legislation and also, judging by their continued popularity, a valued means of bringing public concerns to the attention of Parliament.

The outpouring of support proves to legislators, companies, and other influential figures just how crucial the issue is. Petitions also serve as an entry point into activism, teaching a broad audience about the issue and encouraging them to get involved.

Do petitions actually work?

Petitions are just one part of an overall strategy for change. They can serve several purposes:

  • Let decision-makers know what the public is thinking
  • Suggest to media that an issue has enough public interest to do a story
  • Help an organization build a list of people who are interested in an issue
  • Bring about additional action and raise money

Is there a difference between a paper petition and an online petition?

  • Paper petitions require 25 signatures per petition page before an MP can bring it forward for conversation in the House of Commons
  • The online petition is slightly different but equally as important. Five hundred or more individual signatures are required before an MP can bring it forward for conversation in the House of Commons

Why are paper petitions still used?

Paper petitions continue to have a considerable effect on our government and policy makers. The effort it takes is far larger. Politicians know what it means when an individual puts a real pen to real paper, so when you sign an ‘old fashioned’ petition your MP knows you have an invested level of engagement. Anyone who has collected signatures for a paper petition will know that each and every name represents an active commitment to the issues.

I already signed the petition for Noah’s Law, why am I signing this again?

We wanted to create awareness and energy for what we are doing. In retrospect, we realized that our ask wasn’t as concise as it needed to be for the House of Commons. We have since identified clear calls of action for change so that heinous crimes like what happened to Mchale, and Noah are prevented in Canada.

What happens after I sign the petition

After we receive the required number of signatures, it can be brought forward and the ask for change can be presented to the House of Commons

Whats the length of time the petition will be active?

The House of Commons outlines you have 120 days to have a petition signed.

Who in the Federal government is supporting/ sponsoring this petition?

Blaine Calkins is an MP that represents the riding Red Deer—Lacombe in Alberta.

What if I sign the paper petition outside of Alberta, what happens?

The MPs that represent your riding have the ability to bring it forward on your behalf to the House of Commons, so long as it has 25 signatures.

What happens to my personal information once its on the petition?

Your information is solely used to acknowledge you are a Canadian citizen. It will not be used for any other reason – as per the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP).

What if I want to help by circulating a petition at my business?

We support any and all who are interested in this cause, but there are guidelines to receive the petition which can be found here

Why are we creating Noah’s Law?

Mchale Busch (24) and her baby son, Noah McConnell (16 months) were murdered in Hinton on September 16, 2021. The man charged with their murders is a previously convicted sex offender. The Parole Board recognized him as being a continued danger to the public and Edmonton Police Service issued a warning to the public that the released convict was considered to be an ongoing danger to females and children.

The petition, #Noah’s Law demands that our federal and provincial governments amend the law that created the National Sex Offender Registry to change the purpose of the Act from only assisting police investigations to a purpose of protecting the public from high-risk sex offenders. This will allow police to immediately warn the public and also allow landlords of family rentals to have police check any prospective tenant’s name against the Registry.

What if I have questions, who can I contact?

You can ask questions by sending them to:

Where can I go for additional information on Noah’s Law?

  • Facebook – @Justiceformchaleandnoah